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  Clomiphene Citrate克罗米芬   The most commonly prescribed ovulation drug is clomiphene citrate (for brevity, this booklet...

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  Clomiphene Citrate克罗米芬

  The most commonly prescribed ovulation drug is clomiphene citrate (for brevity, this booklet will refer to clomiphene citrate as “CC” or “clomiphene”).最常用的促排卵药物是克罗米芬(为简单起见,这本小册子将参照枸橼酸氯米芬“CC”或“克罗米芬”)。 This drug is most often used to stimulate ovulation in women who have infrequent or absent ovulation.这是最常用的药物刺激女性有偶发或缺席排卵的排卵。 It is also used in combination with IUI as an empiric treatment for unexplained infertility, and sometimes in those who are unable to pursue more aggressive therapies involving greater costs, risk, or logistical demands.它也可以用来结合IUI作为经验性治疗对原因不明的不孕不育,有时无法采取更积极的治疗,涉及更大的成本,风险和后勤需求。

  The standard dosage is 50 -100 milligrams (mg) of clomiphene per day for five consecutive days.标准剂量是50元-100毫克(mg),连续五天,每天克罗米芬。 Treatment begins early in the cycle, usually on the third to fifth day after menstruation begins.及早开始治疗的周期,通常在第三至第五日月经结束后开始。 If a woman does not have periods, a period can be induced by administering oral progestin for 10 days.如果一个女人没有周期,一个周期管理10天口服孕激素可诱发。

  Clomiphene works by causing the pituitary gland to secrete more FSH.克罗米酚的工作原理是使脑垂体分泌FSH。 The higher level of FSH stimulates the development of ovarian follicles that contain eggs.更高水平的FSH刺激卵巢的卵泡含有鸡蛋的发展。 As the follicles grow, they secrete estrogen into the bloodstream.随着卵泡的生长,它们分泌的雌激素到血液中。 If treatment is successful, about a week after the last tablet of CC is taken, the pituitary is hypersensitive to GnRH and releases an LH surge.如果治疗是成功的,大约一个星期后,最后一片CC被,垂体过敏的促性腺激素释放激素和释放LH激增。 The LH surge causes the egg to be released from the mature follicle during ovulation. LH激增造成的成熟卵泡在排卵期的卵子被释放。 It is important to determine whether a given dosage of clomiphene results in ovulation.这是重要的,以确定是否一个给定的剂量克罗米芬的查询结果,在排卵。 Most doctors rely on the menstrual pattern, ovulation prediction kits, measurement of serum progesterone levels or the basal body temperature chart to monitor a patient's response to the standard dose of clomiphene.大多数医生依靠对月经的模式,预测排卵试剂盒,血清孕酮水平或基础体温图表来监测病人的反应,以标准剂量的氯米芬的测量。

  A basal body temperature chart is a chart in which the patient's temperature is taken upon awakening using a special thermometer, and this temperature is plotted every morning before she gets up.甲基础体温图表是一个图表,其中患者的体温醒来时,使用一个特殊的温度计,和该温度下绘制前每天早晨她起床。 The readings help identify ovulation, which is indicated by a persistent temperature rise of one-half degree or more.读数有助于确定排卵,这是一个持续的温度上升的二分之一以上的学历表示。 If there is doubt, however, measuring the progesterone level about 14 to 18 days after the start of clomiphene, or examining the ovaries with ultrasound, can help to determine if and when ovulation occurred.如果有疑问,但是,测量孕激素水平开始后约14至18天克罗米芬,或卵巢超声检查,可以帮助确定是否以及何时排卵发生。

  If ovulation does not occur at the 50-mg dosage, CC may be increased by 50-mg increments in subsequent cycles until ovulation is achieved.如果不排卵发生在50毫克的剂量,CC可以由50毫克的的增量,在随后的周期中增加,直到达到排卵。 Exceeding a dosage of 200 mg each day for five days is rarely of any benefit, and patients who fail to ovulate on a clomiphene dosage of 200 mg are likely to benefit from a different ovulation induction regimen such as injections of gonadotropins.超过五天,每天200毫克剂量是很少的任何利益,并有可能受益于不同的注射促性腺激素促排卵方案,如患者不排卵在克罗米芬剂量为200毫克。 Your physician will determine the appropriate dose for you.你的医生会为你确定合适的剂量。 Occasionally, the physician may choose to add other medications to clomiphene if the drug is not successful in inducing ovulation.偶尔,那么医生可以选择添加其他药物克罗米芬如果药物是没有成功诱导排卵。 For more information about basal body temperature charts and ovulation detection, refer to the ASRM Patient Fact Sheet titled, Ovulation Detection .

  The cervical mucus acts as a barrier to sperm.宫颈粘液作为一个障碍,精子。 The properties of the cervical mucus may be altered in patients taking clomiphene citrate.宫颈粘液的性能可能会改变患者服用克罗米芬。 Intrauterine insemination frequently is used in conjunction with clomiphene ovulation induction by CC.结合克罗米芬促排卵宫腔内人工授精经常采用的是CC。 Clomiphene sometimes can alter endometrial thickness, making it thin and unreceptive to implantation.克罗米酚有时可以改变子宫内膜的厚度,使得它薄和unreceptive的植入。 The lowest dose of clomiphene sufficient to induce ovulation in anovulatory women is usually prescribed for at least three cycles to provide an adequate trial for most patients.至少有三个周期的最低剂量足够的氯米芬诱导排卵无排卵的女性通常规定为大多数患者提供足够的试验。 Clomiphene will induce ovulation in about 80% of properly selected patients.克罗米芬诱发排卵选择合适的病人在80%左右。 Most authorities suggest that clomiphene be given for no more than six cycles, because the chance of pregnancy is very low after six cycles.大多数当局建议,将给予不超过6个周期克罗米芬,因为怀孕的几率是非常低的后6个周期。 After that, alternatives may be considered.在那之后,替代方案也可以考虑。

  Women who have irregular/absent ovulation due to hypothalamic disorders or very low estrogen levels generally do not respond well to clomiphene.有的不规则/无排卵是由于下丘脑功能紊乱或非常低的雌激素水平的妇女一般不很好地回应克罗米芬。 Women who are obese may have better success after weight loss.谁是肥胖的妇女可能有更好的成功减肥后。 Clomiphene is generally tolerated well.克罗米酚是一般耐受性良好。 Side effects are relatively common, but generally mild.副作用是比较常见的,但一般症状较轻。 Hot flashes occur in about 10% of women taking clomiphene, and typically disappear soon after treatment ends.潮热发生在大约10%的妇女服用克罗米芬,治疗结束后,通常很快消失。 Mood swings, breast tenderness, and nausea are also common.情绪不稳,乳房胀痛,恶心等症状也很常见。 Severe headaches or visual problems, such as blurred or double vision, are uncommon, and virtually always reversible.严重头痛或视力问题,如视力模糊或复视,是罕见的,几乎总是可逆的。 If these side effects occur, it is prudent to stop treatment immediately and call the physician.如果这些副作用的发生,为谨慎起见,立即停止治疗,并呼叫医生。 Women who conceive with clomiphene have approximately a 10% chance of having twins.克罗米芬谁怀孕的妇女大约有10%的几率有双胞胎。 Triplet and higher order pregnancies are rare (<1%), but may occur.三胞胎和高阶妊娠的是罕见(<1%),但可能会出现。 Ovarian cysts, which can cause pelvic discomfort, may form as a result of ovarian overstimulation.卵巢囊肿,这可能会导致盆腔不适,可以形成作为卵巢过度刺激的结果。 A pelvic exam or ultrasound may be performed to look for ovarian cysts before beginning another clomiphene treatment cycle.盆腔检查或超声可进行寻找,然后再开始另一个克罗米芬治疗周期的卵巢囊肿。 Side effects are more frequent with higher doses.高剂量,副作用更频繁。

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